trust us to make your Renault look good

Bodywork, windscreen and aesthetics

Windscreen replacement, bodywork repair in the event of a collision, protection or washing of your vehicle, etc. Renault Service is simple: a one-stop shop for all your bodywork operations, with or without an appointment.
do you need to repair the bodywork of your Renault? Bodywork
Does your Renault's bodywork need some work? Discover our simple and affordable solutions for all types of damage.
Had an accident? Got a scratch?
We take care of everything
We take care of everything
How can the Renault network make your life easier? By saving you time:
  • We take care of all of the steps.
  • We make a promise on the repair time.

your windscreen is essential for your safety

Windscreen cover

Got a chip in your windscreen? Did you know that Renault Service offers turnkey solutions to replace your windscreen?
Windscreen damage?
Everything is sorted out in the blink of an eye.

  • We replace your windscreen without an appointment. 
  • We offer manufacturer's warranty. 
  • We guarantee you a value-for-money replacement. 

Windscreen damage? Think Renault service.

your Renault looks like new


With Renault Service and our bodywork aesthetics solutions, it's easy to make your car look good!
New Renault?
We protect it against all damage

Taking care of your Renault also means protecting its bodywork and, to save you time, we offer turnkey solutions with clear, transparent pricing Glasscoat package: incredible, lasting shine, bodywork ready to tackle the environment, better protection against dust, etc.
Renault car dynamic design
Bodywork maintenance: your Renault looks as good as new
Take care of your Renault with the special wheel rim or interior cleaners, air fresheners, scratch remover polish, etc. In Renault's workshops, you will find professional quality maintenance products at unbeatable prices. Next time you visit, check out our range of Bodywork maintenance products.
Close-up view of rear lights
Reselling your car? Beauty enhancement required!
INTERIOR/exterior wash, shine, etc. Renault Service has the solution to show your Renault in its best light and help you sell it more quickly for the best possible price. 
To make life easier, we suggest all-inclusive packages and remember that whenever you come into our workshops for a service, we clean your vehicle free of charge!
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